North to East Connection


“The losers got together at Hangaren Skatepark to try out the new MOMOxHANGLOSERS wheels.
Meanwhile, the Japanese connection is ripping the streets up on the other side of the globe.

Edit: Vincent Lindgren

Filming: Olav Norheim, Vincent Lindgren, Anders Bergén, Gabriel Gök, Joel Fernberg.

Skaters (in order of appearance):
Julius Josefsen
Nicklas Persson
Joakim Lundberg
Joakim Wall
Joel Fernberg
Gabriel Gök
Olav Norheim
Anders Bergén
Jonas Bødtker
Felix Nissén
Zebastian Cassel
John Lönngren
Sam Cabezas
Shintaro Nakayama
Yuto Goto
Toru Shirai